Frequently Asked Questions


What kinds of steels do you use on the blades?

I usually use stainless steels. My favorite is N690 and Elmax but sometimes I use other types like D2 or some carbon steels. In future I’m going to make knives from M390 steel. I don’t exclude S290 or other powder steels.

What kinds of materials do you use on the handles?

I usually use G10, micarta, carbon fiber, vulcanized fiber, stabilized woods, exotic woods and also many metals like bronze, inox or brass and cooper.

Actually I can use many various materials but I don’t like cheap woods and steels with poor water resistance.

What about heat treatment?

Usually, I send blades to the institute in Warsaw or Poznan.

I want to make sure that the blades are hardened properly.

The hardness is always about 58-60 HRC for N690 and sometimes more than the 60 HRC for the carbon steels or powder materials like Elmax.

Do you design your knives?

Yes. Each knife was designed by myself and each knife is unique. I avoid series of knives but I do not rule out a few in the future.

Where else can I see your knives?

I have accounts on Polish forums, British forum and I have also facebook page.

I try to show my knives on the exhibitions in Poland and other European countries.

What contains the sections on your website?

The ”Home” is section for news, organization cases, and information about new content.

”About” contain short description of my activity.

”Gallery” is divided on four categories.

”Fixed blades” contain every hidden and full tang knife except neck knives.

”Folding knives” do not need to explain

”Neck knives” contain very small knives

”Other works” is section for each my work which is not a knife.

”Workshop” contain all things I’m doing now. So it section for all ”in progress” content.

”Tutorials” contain photo stories and tutorials about knifemaking.

Where do you get the names of your knives?

I named my knives from the lizards and amphibians names.

Why? Because I like unique ways to naming and Latin or Greek sounds interesting.

Rarely I use names in English or my native language – Polish.



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