I would like to invite you to visit my table in Tiel. I will be there with my knives.

Here is the official website: http://www.dkeshow.nl/


And some photos of last works. I will add new knives to gallery as soon as possible.


20150401_143951 (Large) 20150401_220942 (Large) 20150401_223955 (Large) 20150401_224249 (Large) 20150402_224012 (Large) 20150402_232147 (Large) 20150405_092150 (Large) 20150405_092238 (Large) 20150406_195723 (Large) 20150406_204518 (Large) 20150408_172736 (Large) 20150408_172839 (Large) 20150410_010603 (Large) 20150410_215159 (Large)